Christina/ February 26, 2021/ The daily grind, Ideas of philosophy

Life is a journey not a destination, that is the motto of my blog. Now I witnessed a déjà-vu with this slogan. I did not only rediscover this dictum on the van of an adventurous driver but also on a mountainbike-tour through springlike Braunschweig’s surroundings. It does not matter whether it is about roasted canards, upright brick layers or a Trump bridge in disguise. To my surprise there is still much to discover in the surrounding area of Braunschweig.

Trump is kicking?
I am irritated by a banner ad at Wedtlenstedt advertising roasted canard. Well, it is about 18 degrees outside today, who wants hot poultry with this temperature? It rather belongs to Christmas time does not it? Well in times of Corona everything is possible. Just a little bit further down the road things get even more strange. The name plate of bridge hits my eye. Wait a minute, did it say “Trump bridge”? I hit the brakes hard. Aha, it says “Tramp-Tau bridge”. Did somebody mistake the “u” with the “a”? Underneath the plate there is an explanation. This bridge belongs to the namesake singing cyclist troop from Bortfeld. Okay, later on I google the term “tramp tau” and find out that it means “to kick”. Well that matches with Trump, does not it?

At the Fürstenauer Holz
Whenever I ride my mountainbike I give new trails a try. I take a left turn behind the bridge and follow the forest road. I go straigth for a while until I take a right turn into a narrow path. The river “Fuhse” accompanies on the left side. It is a really nice trail which leads me to the Fürstenauer Holz. That’s good,I am street-smart at this place.

The windmill of Wendeburg-Zweidorf
I follow the signs to Wendeburg and discover a new fantastic trail which leads me directly into the Zweidorfer Holz. The name reminds me of something. Ah well, it is the namesake service area on the Autobahn A2 from Braunschweig to Hanover. I discover a windmill on the right side. Great, I have to go and see it from a closer perspective. The windmill of Zweidorf is a really nice copy of a dutch windmill. It is part of Lower Saxony windmill street.

Going back to the Zweidorfer Holz I take notice of the signpost “Walderlebnispfad Zweidorfer-Holz”. The facility is closed due to Corona but should be a must-see especially with the fading forest stand in Germany.

I drive through Wendeburg direction of Braunschweig and come across the “Wendenburger Kulturweg” by chance. I am surprised of what all there is. I resolve to come back to this place some time and take a closer look at this project.

I am lucky!
Close to the end of today’s trip it is getting gleefull at Veltenhof. Sometimes, I think to myself, you can find joy right on the streets. This time in form of some good-humoured pigs holding their tails towards its audience. Some of them enjoy the good life and have a catnap in the sun. Others cool themselves down in a mud hole or fest on their food. No matter what the animals are doing they all seem to be simply happy.

Once again I think: Life is a journey – enjoy it!