A hiking holiday at the Algarve in May. The Algarve is located in the South of Portugal. Next to dream beaches, fascinating rock formations and cultural treasures there is plenty of wonderful nature. The hiking paths which are alongside the sea (Rota Vicentina) are very beautiful and not overrun – at least in May.

The villages of the Algarve, such as Lagos, Albufeira and Carvoeiro are under British and German control. At first sight that is not too bad. It fills the coffers of the inhabitants. However I think it is a pitty that some oft hem are only her to booze and are not interested in the wonderful nature of the coastal strip. As the saying goes: Different strokes for different folks.

However wants to dunk into night life will love Albufeira. Faro and Tavira are much calmer. Whereas Faro has some sights and a lot of stork nests, Tavira is characterized by its offshore, milelong beaches. Especially sunset is very nice at Tavira, the time when the houses and churches are bathing in the warm light of the afternoon. In the evening it is nice to have dinner at the river Gilão.