The route section of the Selketalstieg from Alexisbad to Mägdesprung and from there to IV. Friedrichshammer (unfortunatley vandals had destroyed the stamp over there – once again) is apparently the most beautiful one of the complete hiking trail. The rock trail can definitely be called the most spectacular part of the whole trail, not least because of the Köthener hut (HWN 195) enthroned on top of a cliff, the Verlobungsurne high above Alexisbad or the Freundschaftsklippe high above the Selketal. Only drop of bitterness was the tight timetable. Four stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel were on the programme and therefore there was neither time to stay longer on the Köthener hut nor to visit the Luisentempel or the Pioniertunnel. There is only one solution to it: We need to come back.