Oltrepo Pavese

Awesome cities, magnificent mountain villages and landscape, very good food and even better wine that can only be Tuscany? Actually, there is a serious alternative with reasonable prices and a lot of hospitality aside mass tourism to it: The Oltrepò Pavese. Like the saying “A beautiful back can delight” the Oltrepò Pavese (literally: the other side of the Po) meets the expectations. The district Oltrepò Pavese marks the south point of the Province Pavia and disperses in each case to a third between the Po Valley, delicate hills and unaffected mountain landscape, which rises up to 1,700 m at the Monte Lesima.

The Oltrepò Pavese offers excellent conditions both, for racing and mountain bikes as well as for ramblers. Who is looking for culture, fashion and lifestyle will discover the cities Pavia, Milano, Genoa, Vigévano and Novara close-by.

As a special accomodation the Bed and Breakfast “Il Vecchio Cedro” is recommendable. The lodging is situated in a beautiful valley: Valle Versa. The hosts are nice and helpful people, the breakfast under blue skies is magnificent with very good coffee, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, cheese, Muffins and everything your heart may desire.


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