The Coast of Amalfi. Presumably everything has been said and written about this breathtaking place on earth already. And despite this I claim that there a still almost undiscovered places which are not as packed as Amalfi and Positano are. Given that you do not shy away from some sudatory altitude differences which have to be overcome. The lovely landscape with its fantastic mixture of a deep blue sky, a bluish shiny sea and the mountains definitely belongs to one of the most beautiful areas of Europe.

To discover the coast by shanks’ mare is due to many steps and the heat (do not hike in summer!) very exhausting, but is guaranteed worthwhile the pain if you think of the overwhelming views from on top the hills and mountains, for example on the Sentiero dei Limoni or on the Sentiero degli dei. At the same time detours into the mountainous hinterland are rewarding, especially if you want to escape from inrush of tourists for a change.