Code of behaviour

I welcome comments and debate on the blog, but insults are unnecessary and inappropriate. I will delete any which are libel, racist, obscene, advertising or which are simply to make a point but are completely off-subject. If you want to do that, create your own blog.

If you want to use my photos or quote from my posts you may do so – but only if you credit the source and give a link back to my original post.

Posts, being published by commentators of the Middle East Messengers, are only representing the user’s opinion. They do not represent the blog owner’s opinion. The blog owner is not liable for content that has been posted by commentators.


Each registered user has the room to aire his or her opinion freely by commentating blog posts or by writing his/hers own blog post. The user is also free to pose questions which are intended to keep the discussion floating. All writers are responsible and liable for their own posts.

Code of conduct among blog users
Be couteous! Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in a face-to-face situation.


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