Bad Tölz

As the leisure activities in Fall are rather scarce we drove to Lenggries and Bad Tölz on our „afternoon off“ to have some fun. The climatic spa Lenggries might be a good destination for hiking and skiing. It has a poplulation of about 10.000, however there is not much to do. There is no such thing as a pedestrian zone.

After having explored the „city centre“ of Lenggries we decide to drive on to Bad Tölz. The district town is only 10 kilometres away from Lenggries.
Bad Tölz is part of the Upper Bavarian administrative distric of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. The health resort is located at the river Isar, about 50 kilometres away from Munich. Its population figure numbers to 19.000.

The city centre is really nice, a true treasure. Everything is very well kept and looked after. You can truely spend a nice afternoon over there. I recommend to stroll down the streets and feel the effect of the beautiful decorated facades. Afterwards you should sit down in one of the nice cafés or restaurants located on the pedestrian zone. Whoever feels like it can take a bath in the Isar, there is a small city beach.