Corsica, also known as “Ile de Beauté”, “island of beauty” is a destination that has been for a while on my hiking list. Up to now I considered the prices for group tours as too expensive. Especially the obolus for a single bedroom was rediculous. This year however it worked out for me. A friend of mine also wanted to visit the French Island and could make friends with the hiking programme.

We book Corsica for a week. Algajola is our resort, the hotel Maristella our place to stay overnight. From there our tours start into the urban hinterland. Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea next to Sicilia, Sardinia and Cypress. We only explored parts of the island, namely the region around the Balagne. However, I still think that we got a picture of Corsica.

The galery shows pictures which are typical Corsican to me. More pictures and information about our hiking tours can be seen here.