My first trip to India. I prepared myself for that journey by reading in advance non-fiction books on its history and culture. But nothing really prepares you for India. Especially not the glorifying travelling documentaries that give you the feeling that India is a colourful and mystical everybody is longing for. My first stations in India were Mumbai and Poona. Poon is on a higher altitude than Mumbai and is related to other big cities quite small with only 5 Mio inhabitants.

Repellent and fascinating scenes seem to alternate. It feels like you never want to put away your camera: too many things are happening at one time. Colours and smells are omnipresent, crowds likewise – you are NEVER alone. Honks can be heard all the time, people spit on the floor and literally shit on the ground. Contrariwise you have exotic gardens and fruits and that undescribable beautiful and peaceful time of the day just before the sun sets.