Hiking holiays in a mostly unknown and exciting country. A journey to the Ukraine is almost like a trip into the past, of standstill and progress at the same time. One faces untouched nature which is almost non-existent in Western Europe anymore.

Mighty silver fir, spruce and beech groves, blooming meadows, cozy mountain villages with neat timber houses whose inhabitants are still using carriages. The carpathians of the Ukraine are definitely part of the most natural area of East Europe.

Hiking took part within the Synewyr-National Park as well as within the Tschornohora mountains, the so called “black mountains”. We also visited cities like Czernowitz and Lemberg. Two cities where the legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is still visible. Especially Lemberg (Lviv) however present itself as a cosmopolitan city that does not only take heart to its past but stands for a mixture of tradition and modernity.