The ore mine Rammelsberg on the outskirts of Goslar belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. It served for the exploitation of non-ferrous metal. For visitors the mine offers serveral interesting guided tours. We took part in a guided tour through the “Roder-duct“.

The Roeder-duct, named after its creator Lord Mayor Johann Christoph Roeder, is in its entirety an over 200 years old system of energy lines and maschines which made mining at the Rammelsberg for more than 100 years possible. The guided tour follows the underground way of the water, which served a an energy carrier for the mining, towards giant water wheels. With the help of this wheels the pit could be dewatered and the ore could be extracted.

By the way, those of you who thought that Schalke belongs to Westphalia is wrong. Schalke is a 762 high mountain of the Harz middle range. The mountain is close to Hahnenklee within the metropolitain are of Goslar. On top of the mountain is the look-out of the same name, that used to be a listening post.