Turin is the capital of the Piemont region in the North of Italy. It is famous for its artful architecture and cuisine. The Alps are locted north west of the city and form a wonderful panorama. Magnificent baroque buildings and elegant coffeehouses ae seaming the alleys and lovely squares of Turin, i.e. the Piazza Castello and the Piazza San Carlo. Nearby stand the towering pinnacle of the “Mole Antonelliana”, a tower of the 19th century, home of the interactive national cinema museum.

The most impressive thing in Turin is the skyline, which is surrounded by summits of the Alps. The city looks back to a rich history, when emperors were welcomed and kingdoms arose. The former power is still visible, not to forget the Olympic Winter Games in 2006. Nowadays Turin is a small metropolis compared to tourist attractions like Rome, Florence or Venice. When visiting Turin you should plan a detour to the famous vineyards in Alba or Asti. Really good stuff!