This weblog is divided into two parts: On the one hand there are the picture galleries. On the other hand there are web log entires that deal with “culture” in its broadest sense. But what is culture anyway? The term “culture” is contextual. That is to say that we can talk about culture in relation to theatre, cinema or exhibitions. At the same time culture describes essential parts of our lifeworld. The manner we have been raised and socialized. It becomes a cross-cultural thing as soon as two different cultures meet. And by that I do not only related to interactions where people from different countries are involved – no, there can be different notions of culture within the same country. Just think of the encounter of football fans and lovers of opera – we are definitely talking about two different cultures here.

Kulturelle Zugänge verstehen

Die Annäherung an den Anderen oder Unbekanntes

Three components seem to play a vital role for me to ensure a smooth interaction between different cultures: The attempt to respect the others’ perspective. The acceptance is followed by understanding the different sense. Both elements require the reflection of one’s own, normally unchallenged, mindset.

That is the point, to question familiar and unfamiliar experiences from the daily routine, from cultural life and from a philosophical perspective.


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