Maybe you are familiar with the problem (in case you do not live in the south part of the Harz) that at the end of collecting stamps for the Harzer Wandernadel you are faced with the problem that the stamp points are quite far away from your place of residence? Well, that is however the challenge I am confronted with right now. I still need a total of 45 stamps which means the other way round that I have already collected 178 stamps!!!

This weekend I ended up in the area of Sangershausen. Stamps no. 208, 209 and 222 were on our program for the day. And again, the weather was being kind to us again. At the beginning, the sun made itself scarce but time after time the sun made its way through the clouds and in the end it shone untroubled.

We startet our tour at the parking lot at the showmine Röhrigschacht in Wettelrode. Mostly on singletrails in the forest or via meadows we walked at first to the Moltkewarte (stamp 209), via the wild rose trail to the ruins of Grillenberg (stamp 208) and then via the Kunstteich (artifical lake) to the coal mining trail Wettelrode where we collected stamp no. 222. A very nice tour with reommendable insights and panoramic views.

Whoever wants to walk the same route this is the way.