Costa Rica is my first and until now my only country in Central America I have visited so far. I stayed there over the turn of the year from 2009 to 2010.

Unfortunately, the journey to Costa Rica was really tough. This was partly due to bad weather conditions and partly to the incompetency of an American airline. At first it could have been worse: After we could not take our flight to New York as the aircraft from London could not start due to heavy snow fall we were allowed to change a reservation to one of the Lufthansa planes. And – believe it or not – they made us fly Business-Class!!! Because of Christmas time they had a wonderful dinner on board. Fortunately we ate everything we could grab, not knowing that we would hardly get anything during the next three days. When we arrived in Newark we learned that all the flights to Costa Rica by Continental Airlines were hopelessly overbooked. The only chance to get there, they told us, was stand-by.

In the end we had to wait for THREE days on that shitty airport, because Continental Airlines (never again!!!) was unable to get us there. However we were lucky that we were not the only ones who have been betrayed and fortunately among the dupes were two lawyers from Great Britain. Otherwise, I guess, we would be still waiting for the transfer flight.

Almost the same shit happened on the way back: one again in Newark I learned that those idiots had sold my ticket to somebody else. I did not even know that that was possible. Well, I remembered that I stayed in the country of boundless possibilities, in a negative sense obviously. Thank’s God I could return on a stand-by-ticket to Germany on the same day. I tell you folks, I breathed a sigh of relief, when it was all over.

Due to the delay on our flight to Costa Rica we missed three days on-site. However, the remaining days were wonderful. I really enjoyed Costa Rica, its inhabitants, its animals and a magnificent nature.