Blume mit Biene

Holidays at home?! Well, this year everything is a little bit different, but still I want to go to the mountains. Why not visit the upper bavarian pre-alps? Have you ever heard of the village „Fall“ before? No? Me neither. The village is located about 13 km away from Lenggries and thus pretty close to Bad Tölz. The Tegern- and Walchensee are close as well. Maybe you might also have heard of the Sylvensteinstausee.

From fall we undertook four different hikings. The first one was the Hirschhörnlkopf, the second one to the Hochalm. A third trip was to the Geierstein at Lenggries. The highlight oft he week was definitely the tour from the ropeway station Brauneck to the Benediktenwand.
The first hiking trips, the Hirschhörnlkopf and the Hochalm, are easily to manage with a difference in height of about 800 metres. The technical requirements are low. Upon rain however it is an advantage to be sure-footed on gravel.

The hike to the Geierstein is more demanding. The ascent starts at the castle Hohenburg. The way to the top is partly steep, the view from the top of the mountain overlooking Lenggries and the environment compensates for the effort.

On the top I felt like being in a Winnetour-movie. One hiker plays the theme song of the film with his mobile. A moment to enjoy.

The most demanding but also definitely the most beautiful hike was the round trip on the Brauneck with the Bendediktenwand. The hike is long and challenging as it demands some climbing. Therefore sure-footed, having a head for heights and alpine previous knowledge are and advantage. Moreover, you have to be quite fast as well as time is shot on this trip. This is due to the opening hours of the ropeway: it opens at 08:15 am and closes at 17:00 pm. If you cannot make it you have to decend for another 1000 metres of difference in height. And believe me, you do not really want that after the round trip!
The prominent stages of the long and beautiful trip are: the Schröderstein (1548 m), Stangeneck (1648 m), the Latschenkopf (1712 m), the Achselköpfe (1709 m) and the Benediktenwand 1801 m), the queen of the Isarwinkel.

The return path leads via Altweiberstieg to the Bichleralm (1438 m) and from there to the Quenger Alm. Here we stop for a cold drink before we start our descend by the ropeway.