A tour of Romanesque from Hornburg to Osterwieck, via the big and little Fallstein, and back. Starting point is the restaurant “Willeckes Lust“. The Fallstein is a mountain range in the foreland of the North Harz. Approxiamately 4 km north of the ancient studwork house town Osterwieck the beech grove-covered mountain range starts. Prior to the reunification the mountain range belonged to the GDR. A watchtown within the former borderland remained from that time.

While the big Fallstein is a wooded mountain range in Saxony-Anhalt within the area of the town Osterwieck the “little” Fallstein is a preserved area within the town of Osterwieck. The mountain range connects Hornburg in Lower Saxony to Osterwieck.

Osterwieck is called the “pearl of Saxony-Anhalt” and is located within the valley of the river “Ilse” between the “big” Fallstein in the north and the Harz in the south. Magnificient studwork houses from the stylistic period of Gothic, the style of Lower Saxony, the Renaissance and Baroque shape the townscape.