Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Westallgäu
Scheidegg in Westallgäu, that was our destination for our Christmas vacation. We went to the Bavarian village by train and rental car. The persistent rain in Lower Saxony almost ruined our train journey. Washed out tracks meant that we were allowed to drive a friend to Magdeburg. We then went to Munich without any problems. We pick up our rental car there and drive to Scheidegg. On the way we can hardly believe our eyes as the sky becomes bluer and the sun shines from the sky. When brass music played on the side of the road, the holiday feeling was perfect. The Hotel Edita awaits you in Scheidegg with a view of the Allgäu mountains and a sunset that is impressive. We are immediately drawn to the Scheidegger Höhenweg, which begins directly in front of the hotel. The first view over the Allgäu Alps is a fantastic introduction to what awaits us in the next few days.

Premium hiking in Scheidegg
The very next day the sun glitters in the sky again. Best conditions for an extended hike. Luckily, one of the West Allgäu premium hiking trails called “prospects” starts right at the hotel. The premium hiking trail “Berg & See” is a cross-border trek with views of the Alps and Lake Constance on varied routes – nothing more is possible.
Three days later we take the premium hiking trail “Klamm & Mystik”, which starts in Weiler im Allgäu. Here too we are blessed with picture-perfect weather.

Four Hills Tournament in Oberstorf
Coincidentally, the Four Hills Tournament begins on December 28th, 2023 in Oberstorf. We were still able to get tickets for the qualifying competition. On this day all hell broke loose here in Oberallgäu. The pedestrian zone has already been converted into a party mile. Mulled wine and beer are already flowing freely and the music is playing. The local ski club organized everything perfectly so that, despite the crowds, we quickly found a parking space and comfortably walked to the ski jump. When the German Andreas Wellinger also won the qualification, the day couldn’t have ended any better.

New Year’s Eve fireworks in a class of their own
On New Year’s Eve the hotel hosted a gourmet gala. The 6-course menu is truly a culinary delight. However, along with the alcoholic accompaniment, a feeling of tiredness soon sets in. It’s good to go outside to watch the fireworks and mingle with the crowd. The hotel has prepared a great fireworks display. Accompanied by musical sounds, it glows pink, white, green and gold from the sky just in time for midnight.