Rightly so, the Bode Valley can be described as one of the most beautiful hiking tours within the Harz mountains. It’s not only the classical tour between Thale and Treseburg is worth while. There is also much to discover around Altenbrak. The big stamp walking tour from Todtenrode via Altenbrak to Wendefurth and back is definitely a ripsnorter: next to five stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel the effort is rewarded by various spectacular views on the Bode Valley, Altenbrak and the surroundings. Certainly this walking tour belongs to the most beautiful ones when collecting hiking-stamps. It is worth to take a break at the stamp points to enjoy the magnificent views. With a length of 22 km and some hikes (520 altitude difference) the tour can be easily managed in a day. At the end I recommend a stop a the Guesthouse Todtenrode for coffee and cake or asparagus.