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Shortly before the beginning of the announced third Corona-wave there is only one thing that helps: schnapps and snipes. A hike through the Schnapstal at the edge of the Harz can bring some relief, especially as other melodious names are on our way: Tränkebachtal, Schnepfenplatz, Futterplatz and Sautalsköpfe. That sounds like a promising hike around Seesen. On this pre-springlike saturday we walk about 23 km through snow residuum, warmed by the sun and accompanied by singing birds, the first spring fever emerges. We are inspired by the walking-tour proposal “through the Schildachtal to the Tränkebachhütte”, however we modify the trail a little bit.

Promising start at Seesen
At Seesen we start our tour directly at the train station and walk to the Wilhelmshöher Straße at the edge of the forest. At this point the first circle tours start. At first we aim at the Tränkebachtal, therefore we walk on a narrow and very nice path direction of Steinway Parc. On the right hand side we enjoy a wonderful view onto Seesen. The sun shines from a blue sky and reflects the final snowfields on the gras, that reminds me on cow patterns.

Reaching the park when continue straight on directly to the Granestraße. We follow the street to the crossing which leads us to the Schnapstal. Now we turn right to the forest road which is meant to guide us into enjoyment. From now we go uphill for a while. However it is worth the effort because after some time we reach “the beautiful view with a bench.” Unfortunately the latter is occupied by two youngsters. We sidestep to a stand, after a while we engross the bench.

Enjoying the moment
At this nice, sunny and delightful spot we take our lunch break. The sunbeams warm us. We talk about this and that, recommend some good movies to each other in order to get rid of the “Corona-blues”. Finally we move on. We are heading for the Schnapsplatz, but get only close to because we have turn right before onto the 1N and 1B, passing by the Luchsstein and move on enjoying beautiful views onto Lautenthal and Wolfshagen until we reach the Schnepfenplatz. At this place we are all smiles, as this term is a nice “teakettle” in German: Schnepfe, the bird (snipes) and Schnepfe, the swearword for women.

Attention: slide ahead
From here on we have to be careful. Shortly before we reach the Schnepfenplatz we watch some hikers sliding involuntarily. Here, in the shaddow, the snow did not melt for good. On the contrary, a light ice layer has been formed. Moreover we walk downhill so we have to be extra careful. We follow the forest road along the hiking trail 1W and reach the Sternplatz, a popular hiking parking lot above Seesen.

We cross the street. We move uphill again. We follow the trace of the Bromberg-Loipe on the Harzer Forststieg direction of Futterplatz. We turn right, targeting for the Sautalsköpfe, walking parallel to the Bärental. The signpost tells us that Seesen is still 8.5 km away. At the next crossing direction of Nönnekenberg we come across the hiking path 4A which leads us to Schildautal. Ex ante we allow ourselves another break on a stack of wood. Once more we enjoy the springlike sun and are looking forward to an outside life as soon as the temperatures further rise. We listen to the singing of the birds as well as to the roaring of the river Schildau. Both helps us to relax.

Alongside the Schildau to Seesen
The melt water let the stream rise up to a broad and lively large body of water. The water runs downwards the hill cheerfully. It is good to see a noteworthy water gauge in the Harz Mountains again. We follow the forest road a little bit longer until we come across the crossing at the Bärental. We decide to continue on a narrow and initially quite pulpy path which runs parallel to the forest road, leading us to the Neckelnberg.

Over there we turn left. Now it is only another five kilometres to Seesen. We follow once more a narrow MTB-path until we reach a broader forest road. Even from a long distance we can see Seesen already and walk above the city comfortably until we reach the tar road “In der Dehne” which leads us to the Lautenthaler Straße and thus back to the city center. Our tour ends at the train station.