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My little black mountain bike stands uneasy in my basement, it needs exercise, so do I. After our so-so experience yesterday with our bike tour to the Salzgittersee I give it a second attempt. I choose the trail of the Braunschweiger Jakobsweg in order to go to Lengede and maybe later on also to Hoheneggelsen.

I accidentally spotted the signposting of the pilgramage road (white shell on blue background) upon jogging in the Westpark. Looking at the corresponding website I discover that a stage leading from Braunschweig to Hildesheim exists. And it also leads to Lengede.

Being surprised by a construction site
According to the description I start at Alt-Lehndorf, directly at the pilgramage church. From there I cross the Westpark to Klein-Gleidingen. On winding trails, mostly on country roads and surprsingly well-signposted, I reach Denstorf at first and then Vechelde. I cross the town and discover a Buddha at the roadside. I notice the sculpture as a sign of relaxation, smile and continue. However, just some metres later, coziness is over. The town centre is a construction site. Therefore I am losing my way and need to continue on the bicycle road to Lengede. Once again I need to take the tar road.
From Köchingen I go to Bodenstedt via Liedingen. There I come across the signposting for the pilgramage trail again. How lucky I am! So, I just continue as planned from here. Hm, suddenly the way proceeds on the tar road. Oh, but just for a short time, it leads to a country road again. It seems that the way will lead right into the forest, however, it starts to go dipsy-doodle right back to street. I am confused and decide to continue on the tar road.

At the crossing I cannot see any pilgramage signposting. Therefore I go straight to the Lengeder Teiche. Now I have a „déjà vu“, because I recognize this way from yesterday’s trip from the Salzgittersee to Braunschweig. I am lucky again cause by crossing this wooded area I reach the pilgramage trail again.

Frame houses at Lengede
The Braunschweiger Jakobsweg leads through the village. I am surprised how nice the residential areas are. I did not expect it. I decide to leave out Hoheneggelsen and to go back to Braunschweig instead. I am heading towards Groß Lafferde for the return path.

The country road chosen leads me to a flock of sheeps at first. The sheeps seem to be nervous when they hear me. They move closer together in order to defend themselves if necessary. They relax again when they realize that I am not a danger to them. They to back to their job: eating grass. Suddenly the road before me stops. I decide to make a U-turn and go back to the street. I reach Klein-Gleidingen and from there Bodenstedt again. At the end of the village I choose the bicycle road to Wendeburg. I am on a country road again, however, get lost somehow.

Goat on a bucket and men made of steel
I reach Wierte and go to Sonnenberg from there. At the village limit I spot some goats. One of them is sleeping on a upturned bucket, the rest is looking at me curiously. I say hello to them and continue.
From Sonnenberg I just go straight to Timmerlah. I am almost home. But wait a second what is that? A light blue Trabbi stands at the roadside. Oh, I need to take a picture of it for a friend of mine. For taking the picture I approach the car and see the saying on the back of the Trabbi: „Men made of steel drive cars made of cardboard.“ Oh, well, that is interesting. I would have like to see those steel guys. A little bit further down there is another sticker saying: „Heroe of work.“ Oh, I can easily transform this to „heroine of bike pilgramage.“

I bike back to my home with a smile on my face. Even though I lost my way once or twice en route I enjoyed myself on this trip.

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