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It is weired how some products who nobody took really notice of so far come to the fore in times of crisis: soap dispensers and toilet paper. In expert groups there is talk of “white gold”. I do not know whether these paper rolls made of cellulose are already traded on the stock exchange, instead of bitcoins. Well, joking aside. I would have never guessed that I might take a picture of an empty toilet paper roll or an empty soap dispenser and above all would use it as a picture for a blog post. Well, it happened last friday. What also really matters these days, is written down in this Corona-diary.

Duty on wearing masks to come?
We have almost completed the second week of lockdown and of “no-contact” provision. What mattered this week? Well it started on monday with a message of a friend of mine telling me that pharmacies would offer masks from thursday on. Their stocks are about 70.000 masks. 3 pcs would cost 1 €. I furrow my brow and try to figure it out: Brunswiek has about 250.000 citizens. That means we have three times too little masks for everyone. Okay, that means, that you have to queue up in front of the pharmacy about 6 o’clock in the morning in order to get one mask upon opening around 8 o’clock. No way for me as I am still going to work. I am facing a problem as I anticipate the nationwide duty on wearing a mask already. Thanks to some overhasty mayors (already thinking about their re-election) who announced such a duty already. I personally disagree with such approaches by individuals because they a) irritate people and b) put both, scientists and politicians, under pressure to express their attitude towards such measures and to find a homogenous regulation for the entire nation quickly. Why is not possible to let them do their job without ruffle?

Do it yourself masks are in great demand
What shall I do? I talk to a friend of mine (on the phone of course). We exchange opinions and come to the conclusion that we might need a mask pretty soon. However, it should be environment friendly. We want something self-made out of cloth, a mask, which can be washed with 60 degrees. And I am right. On Tuesday already there is an official recommendation of the city council to wear masks in supermarkets and on public transport. It is a so called “Behelfsschutzempfehlung” a term I have not heard before. There is also a corresponding sewing instruction for download. Well, unfortunateyl a non-practical person what that concerns. Fortunately my friend has an idea. She again has a friend who can do it for us. Since friday I am proud owner of a mask! Great, this enables me to reenact “Greys Anatomy” at home and my teddy bear can play George Clooney’s part.

Proud of my country
It is almost eastern. Just like Christma Eastern is a typical family feast. This year however it will be different, that is what our chancellor Angela Merkel told us via a podcast last friday. I listen to the podcast and her empathatic and encouraging words and I realize I am proud to be a German and to live in country with a reliable government. In the past few days the look at other countries showed how lucky we are that we still live in well-regulated circumstances, we all have enough to eat and to drink, we are still allowed to go out – even if only in groups of two persons. Furthermore we can rely on a responsible and sober-minded leadership. And that is important in my opinion and I am thankful for it. I can imagine that it is not easy to rule these days, taking decisions every day, stand the pressure of both, the public and the economy. This is quite something.

Take notice of nature conciously
The most important thing to me righ now is contact to my friends. We exchange opinions, sorrows and funny videos via phone, messenger services or E-Mail. Other than that I enjoy myself outside watching geese with their youngsters paddling on the water. And sometimes I discover unexpected things such as a casino in Brunswiek I did not know of.

Stay curious, rejoice in small and stay sound!

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