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“Well, is this already Dallas?” I think to myself in the face of oil operations, an astonishingly sight that I only knew from American TV series of the eighties having the same name. Just two hours ago I started my joyride with my little black bike (LBB) and once again the tour offered some surprises to me. Suddenly there is the panache of nasty oil-barons in the air, in the middle of the province. En route I am getting homesick and long for Hamburg my “spiritual home”. Later on I come across a detestable crime from a gloomy past of Brunswick. And finally I dream of a “cold one” in a bin given by the midday heat.

Not beautiful but honest
It is a marvellous pre-summer day. There is a gorgeous smell in the air. It is slightly hot and humid but still endurable. I am floating on my LBB and enjoy simply the nature around me and the freedom of speed. And yes, this is about discovering new things. And once again I am not being disappointed. Close to Veltenhof the big wide world of Brunswick’s habour gets started. Forget about the towboat ballett of Hamburg’s habour – it is completely overrated. You will only find the true urban spirit within the cute harbour of Brunswick. It is not huge but authentic and honest though. Working is getting done here.

A stigma of paternalistic culture
My LBB wants to move on. I go straight. At Harxbüttel, a place I have not heard of before, I discover a dark secret. The small urban district has been scene of burning of witches in the medieval age. There is a historic sign in the middle of the district reminding of the fate of Anna Rolfes. She was the last victim of the crucial pratice often initiated by the church in order to get rid of disagreeable persons. Anna Rolfes was killed in 1663 in a bestial act.

What’s the way to the oil-baron’s ball?
This discovery got me thinking. I drive towards Lagesbüttel. The midday heat almost knocks me down, it is quite humid by now. Having reached the village boundary I spot two bins. Oh dear, I wish they be selling cold ones. On the left-hand side mobile homes are being sold. Well, I don’t think this is getting any more exciting. I better move on. A couple of minutes later I reach Thune. Wait a minute, is that not an oil-operation in front of me? J.R., Miss Ellie, Bobby? Please show up. Fracking in the west of Brunswick? Actually, I learn they are looking for oil and gas at this place. Great! I am already looking for the participation in the oil-baron’s ball at Thune.

Once again I come across the Midland canal. I observe the slow and calm inland water transport, daydreaming. Should I wear a red or a black dress at the ball?

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