Christina/ May 15, 2020/ The daily grind

On my jogging-round I have seen him many times. No, it’s not George Clooney, it is the Pink Panther, painted on a wall. It is a graffiti on the Brunswick fromer track bed. I used to watch Pink Panther cartoons as a kid and I loved it, the Panther and its comrades. Well, I take a picture of the graffiti and take it with me on my walking tour around the Südsee, the South Seas which is an artificial lake in Brunswick.

Well, due to the Corona limitations I say good-bye to holidays in Italy, France or Spain and say hello to the local recreation areas. And still, who is fond of a vacation with a mask on his face, accession control on beaches and transfer of personal data upon having a cup of coffee?

Let the poppy seeds bloom
At the roadside the poppy seeds are blooming. I love the deep red of the flowers. And these are really flexible plants if you know what I am thinking of:-)

Having reached the South Seas of Brunswick I spot a goose family enjoying the calm and the sun. I do it likewise. Later I cross the wooden pedestrian bridge over the lake. It is heavy with locks attached to its handrail. I wonder who many of the lovers are still together? Well, at least the locking mechanisms cast a nice cloud over the bridge.

strong>A tree house to fall in love with
On the other side of the lake there is a beautiful tree house – a perfect kid’s dream. It is idyllically located at the waterside with a boat in front of it. I come across another pedestrian bridge and with some imagination it looks like an infinity pool.

Life is a bowl of cherries!
Next day I ride again on the former track bed surrounding Brunswick. Last time I discovered some places I have not seen before. I want to explore them a little bit more. I did not know the “Ballonwiese” or the “Old Dammweg” before. Once again I enjoy the calm on the track. I chose to ride over lunchtime because it is quite and little traffic during this time. Shortly before the Ballonwiese there is a horse yard. I enjoy watching the ponys having their meal. Sometimes, I think to myself, life is a bowl of cherries.