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“Two blondes are looking for the rail trail? Sure!” I hear you gaggling. For some of you it might even be a thigh-slapper. But be careful, matey, if you can do better! Okay, I admit that today we did the rail trail challenge for the second time. And well, again we missed the right way at some point. It is always at the same angle that we lose our way: Riddagshausen! It is the inadequate signposting, I swear! Sometimes the signs are visibly painted on the ground. Then again it is just a tiny symbol attached to the usal bike signs along the way. And sometimes the signposting is densed and at times there’s nothing. Either way, fortunately I know this area like the back of my hand, that’s how we can handle this meander. And we are still in good shape!

Hasta la Revolución, siempre!
It is may 1st, labour day. The weather is okay, at least better than forcasted. A friend of mine asks me whether we should go on a ride on the rail trail. Does a bear shit in the woods? Sure, we go as the rail trail starts almost in front of my door, for the rail trail has just been completed last year. Right at the start of our little 1st of May-tour we pass by an allotment where Che Guevara streams in the wind, his head on a flag. Sure, it’s first of may, labour day and nobody else symbolized freedom and labour rights as good as he does. El Commandante, siempre en mi corazón! And those rights might have never been that important as they are today in face of the corona crisis when some CEO will make us of the lockdowns to get rid of some unpopular employees. So you better watch out.

I’ll be jiggered
We pass by the Kennelbad and reach the park of castle Richmond. We cross the park heading to Heidberg. From there we drive past Rote Wiese on our way to Lokschuppen. Everything is easy to find – so far. We cross the federal highway no. 1 and finally arrive at Riddagshausen, our weak point. Shortly before we reach the cloister at the Lünischteich I turn my head to the right and there they are: a pair of storks. It so good to see them still in the city. We turn into the cloister way. It is getting crowded. There are jogger, strollers and bikers press-ganging on the narrow path. And that is exactly the point where we lose our way. The situation is not very clear at this point. Where is the right way?

Our trouble spot
Well, this is not about Tums, bums and thighs. That is not our trouble spot. It is this part of the trail. It is not well signposted and thus irritating. Therefore we squeeze ourselves through this path and finally reach the Ebertallee. Between “Grüner Jäger” and “Waldforum Riddagshausen” we are leaving the park. So, what’s the way? Later on we realize the our way was to the left, however we turn right. So we are staying down an extra loop, no problem though as we are in good shape or at least are on our way to be. At the “Teetied” they serve coffee and cake to go. We take a coffee break. I spot a warning sign at the entrance saying: beware of chicken crossing. Well, who is meant? The chicks behind or in front of the bars? We continue and cycle through Riddagshausen heading towards Nußberg first and then reach the station of Gliesmarode. The path continues behind the university building and leads to the North Station. At this place Brunswick looks even rural right in the middle of the city. There is a small riding stable for example I did not know of.

Everything will turn out fine, I promise!
From the North Station the trail leads at first to the Hamburger Straße. We cross the street and reach trusted ground. Just before we reach the Uferstraße we spot a bizarre garden on the right. A band made of plastic figures and the Brunswick edition of The Bremen Town Musicians are meeting for a purpose here. An allotment beyond the normal garden gnome idylle. Bravo!

Round about 15 minutes later we are back at our starting point. We managed the two-hour round without getting wet – awesome. And one thing is for sure: All good things come in threes, i.e. next time everything will turn out fine – I promise!

And this is the impression I want to give: The rail trail is a real enrichment to the city.

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