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Slowly but surely there is a routine to a way of acting towards others I would have considered impossible some time ago: restraining order and to keep my social distance. A trio of three things is beginning to assert itself: to go for a walk with only one friend at a time obeying the distance rules, to enjoy nature with all my senses and to get close to animals that give me pleasure and have not heard of corona. But sitll all of that is possible so far and I am thankful for it. I am thankful for this gorgeous weather, thankful for my friends who let me sit in their garden for a while (at a distance of course) or take me for a nice lap in the nearbye park.

Marli the white cockatoo

And this is when I meet Marli a white-coloured cockatoo of a friend. I have heard so much about it already, i.e. that it dissambles furniture, acts like a child (or a man?) sometimes but most of the time it is enjoyable to watch it. I did not have an idea what to expect with Marli. When I meet it I am instantly facinated with beauty of this animal and its intelligence. I especially admire its way of moving with the help of his beak which is the colour of schist. It shouts a joyfull “Hello” upon my arrival. You might have guessed it already: I was falling in love with this bird.

Sitting in the garden watching Marli we suddenly talk about my old, destroyed running shoes which I still use but intend to dispose soon. When I get to know that the cockatoo loves to take shoes into pieces as well, I decide to leave them to Marli. The keen hiker’s shoes will be handed over to this elegantly bird and I can’t wait to see how it is going to handle it.

Fascinated by a shoelace
Yesterday was that day. I bag my old shoes and hop onto my bike. I enjoy the wonderful ride along the river Oker towards my friend’s garden. Upon my arrival I hear that funny “Hello” from the bird and I imagine that Marli recognizes me. Full of pleasant anticipation I unbag my shoes. I glimpse the partly puzzled and partly excited look of the animal as if it would say: “Oh, are these really for me?” For a while Marli is too excited about the visit itself that it does not care for the shoes right away. But then it went to work on it. It is unbelievable in what an agile manner the bird raises the shoe on top of a branch. At first it concentrates on the shoelace and displays great patience with it. The feathers on its head are errected with excitment and it looks beautiful.

Chilled tortoises
In another part of the garden tortoise siblings are sunbathing. Very easygoing it moves its heavy carapace around. Whereas the female jsut want to be left alone the male pasters her. I am not sure whether they are aware of their relation to each other. Maybe the male is just bored.

I am sitting relaxed in a hanging seat and let the situation play itself out. It is just nice to think of something else than Corona and the next regulations to come. Suddenly Marli cries out. Not it is bored and wants some attention. Meanwhile it moved closer to us exposed to the sun that heats the bird up. To cool it down my friend sprays water on Marli and he appearently enjoys it, the water and the attention. It is also treated with a piece of pear. The dainty calms it down.

Alongside the Oker
On late afternoon I cycle unhurried alongside the Oker back home. The trails are less crowded by now, a lovely evening ambiance prevails. I am riding my bike towards the sinking sun being thankfully for that wonderful day. I enjoy the view on the calm lake and the sunset. Just perfect.

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