Christina/ May 14, 2020/ The daily grind

We are still in the middle of a crisis nobody could have anticipated in its degree. But, after two months of a business lockdown owners start to get nervous. Their future is uncertain and some of them might have reched the end of their rope already. I could witness an impact of these consequences myself yesterday in Hannover when I came across a demonstration of travel coaches enterprises by chance.

Future uncertain
Living in a market economy it is an unwritten law that supply and demand are interdependent. Sure, in a complete lockdown nobody can buy or consume anything. But the point is even afterwards with new requirements people will not shop as they use to do it before. That is for two reasons: at first, shopping with a mask on your face is no fun. Secondly, nobody knows whether he will have a job after the crisis. So, people are careful and hesitating at the same time – for a reason. However, due to our economic system, the “show” must go on somehow or at least in some ways. And that’s a dilemma nobody can solve right now.

Travelling with obstacles?
Who wants to travel right now or even thinks about it? Sitting on a beach with masks, handing your personal data over to some waiter upon ordering some coffee? How many times a day would give away your personal data voluntarily? What’s the alternative? Sure renting an appartment respectively holiday flat. But, how many of them are available this summer? Enough for everybody willing to travel or who can still afford it? That’s debatable at least.

Well, nobody knows what the outcome of the crisis will be and how good we are at adapting to new situations again and again. In any case this is the time when each of us realizes how carefree and great our lives were before Corona came to town.

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