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Last saturday I once again discovered something new. We walked the ridge at Salzgitter. Looking for a nice hike in my area I came across this round trip between the Reihersee and the Bismarck-Tower situated between Gebardshagen and Salzgitter-Bad. The “city” of Salzgitter itself is not really known for its beauty. It is rather a composition of seven different small towns and one them is Salzgitter-Bad.

The Salzgitter ridge
We start our tour at Gebardshagen, right at the Tennis Club where the path starts. We walk past the open air bath and reach the ridge trail which leads to the Reihersee in the first place. Having reached the lake, a former sedimentation pond, we continue on the ridge to the Bismarck Tower. The path that comes as a single trail is absolutely lovely. One time however we are alomost overrun by some unfriendly mountainbiker. A little bit later we meet some nice guys who show us the way to the Bismarck Tower. The trail is signposted, however, it comes with changing numbers. We start off with no. 17 then cross no. 18 and finally walk on no. 15 to reach the tower.

Walking on a detour
We make a little rest at the tower. When we reach the outskirts of Salzgitter-Bad we ask somebody for the way back to Gebardshagen. Even though the guy is from that area he has no clue about directions. We therefore decide to put our confidence in our hiking experience and we are right. The signs show us that we chose the right way. However after a while we are confused by some kind of loop. We miss a sign and thus walk back to Salzgitter-Bad but do not realize it at first.

A stroller tells us that we are on the wrong way. We are very surprised indeed and do not know at first where we missed the right way. Going the same way back we realize that we made the mistake during the “loop”. There was a sign showing the way back up to the ridge, however the way is that narrow that you could not really recognize it as an official trail.

Being back on the right track the rest is quite easy to find. After another hour we are back from where we started. It is a really nice tour, recommendable to everybody.

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