Christina/ April 19, 2020/ The daily grind

Nothing is wrong with a bit of fun, especially if it happens with God’s blessing. This weekend I am not on a hiking trip it is mountain biking. I start on friday with a tour from Brunsweick via Wolfenbüttel, Apelnstedt und Sickte, returning from there through the forest to Brunswick. On saturday an evening tour leads me to the old part of Lehndorf and I cross Brunswick’s Camino de Santiago, i.e. I am on my way with God’s blessing. And it shows: not only because of the beautiful trail but also due to the magnificient weather. I am heading for Timmerlah then. I take the sun-dappled forest track, passing by Brunswick’s TV-tower and thus returning via the Westpark to my starting point.

The symbol of Wendhausen
When I set out towards Weddel today I have to cross Riddagshausen. I choose lunchtime for this trip. It is not so crowded yet and I can get through quite easily. Actually I wanted to go to the Reitlingstal. But I miss the right junction in Weddel, plus the contrary wind is very strong today. I therefore decide to change plans. I cross the sports ground in Weddel and bike through the fields towards Essehof. It is a nice ride in the forest. At Lehre I dodge to Wendhausen and visit the windmill there. Oh, the café next door is open and it sells ice-cream. Well together with the deep blue sky and the nice mill I feel kind of being shifted to Greece. There the windmills are the symbol for the Cyclades. A little bit of Greece amidst Brunswick’s countryside – you just have to let your imagination running wild.

If I could turn back time
After the side trip I head towards Essehof again and ride through the forest to Dibbesdorf. It is good that I can enjoy at least a little bit the calm around me before it gets crowded again. Upon reaching Riddagshausen a song of Zarah Leander slips into my mind: “How beautiful were the times I have to forget”. Well, the times have been joyful, when I could jog on my own, ride my bike in peace and so on. Sometimes the trails are that packed that there is no chance for a pee stop. We have almost Indian conditions: there is also always somebody sneaking behind you if you want to hit the copse. It is only too well that I pass by “Wonderland” at the end of my trip, even though, a sign tells me that “pissing down and pooping” is not allowed – however that only applies to dogs. What a luck!