Christina/ November 3, 2020/ The daily grind

„Farewell my summer love“ was a song by Michael Jackson. Some kind of melancholy resonated with it, now it is here. Summer has definitely gone by, the first half of autumn is over and I am taking some time off from everyday life. An everyday life that gets more stressful, Corona makes it even more difficult. But I does not let it spoil my spirits on this sunny autumn day. The sun shines, temperatures are moderat, good preconditions to saddle my „black one“ and go on a ample ride.

White Beauty
Right at the paddock at Lehndorf I meet White Beauty. The poor thingy does not look very happy. No wonder, if I had to stand on moddy grounds all day I would be the same. That’s why I wave hello to it, talk some words of encouragement to it and wish him well.
On my favourite tour I cross the Westpark and inhale the wonderful autumn atmosphere deep into my lung. At this place I really had a good time in spring and summer. And whoever might not realized it: nature is our best friend! Especially now during the „social grey“ times of Corona I’d like to stay in the park and observe the seasonal differences. The positive side effect: it is free of charge and cheers up.

The flowerbed at the wind tower
It is only logical that I pass by once more my beloved wind tower. And well at the edge of the field there are still some flowers blooming.
Driving past the Broitemer telecommunication tower in diretion of Rüningen. I take the chance to look back. The landscape beams within the sunlight, I have to take a picture of it. Just some time later I reach the Südsee. I can spot a single sail boat on the water. It is a nice motive but not tempting enough for today. Just a couple of minutes later I press the shutter-release button once again.

Braunschweig’s White House
On the ringgleis I pass by castle Richmond. The sun shines onto the building and I think to myself: This place looks much nicer than the White House in Washington – not to mention its inhabitants. Therefore my recommendation is: instead of sitting in front of the TV to watch a second-rate election campaign of a has-been world power go out and enjoy nature and sit down in front of our White House!

I continue along the ringgleis until I reach Riddagshausen. I encounter another paddock. My „little black one“ alongside the river Wabe and than cross the Prinzenpark. I have to take a short cut, parts of the Ringgleis are closed due to construction works. I reach Gliesmarode, directly in front of a U2-fans’ house. A part of the front is dedicated to the Irish Pop-band. Although the colours are black, the picture send out rays of confidence. Is it Bono’s arm that is stretched into the air? I rate this symbol as a sign of hope, because I want it that way.
Now it is: Sag beim Abschied leise Servus.