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Upon rising Corona cases and increasing panic it is advisable to look for some calm and relaxing place offside the sources of infection. Such as place is the spa Bad Kösen at Sachsen-Anhalt. If it were not for the closed cafés and restaurants nobody would guess that Corona exists here. Lovely vineyards, castles, salinas and a multitude of hiking trails give distinction to the landscape. An idyll prevails here that I do need right now in order to survive the Corona-madness.

Good weather – all’s well
Just as upon the first lockdown we enjoy fabullous weather again. The start of November shows it’s best side and lets everything beam in a warm and golden light: Leaves, castles, the salinas and the Saale.
Saale-Unstrut? Where is that supposed to be? To be honest I did not know it before myself. Although there is much to be discovered: Vine culture, medieval cultivated landscape, such as the Naumburger Dom or the ruler’s grave at Weißenfels. Bad Kösen is a good starting point for excursions into the surroundings: wether it is bicycling, hiking or paddling, much can be done here. The region is also for train drivers attractive. You can take the regional train to Naumburg, Weißenfels or Merseburg.

Around the spa gardens
On the first day I get myself a picture of Bad Kösen and scout the local supply. Afterwards I walk towards the Saale along the Lorelypromenade, then I take a closer look at the spa gardens. Seeing the therapy centre and the old bath house reminds of stay at Karlsbad in 2018. Well it is not that swanky as the Czech spa but maybe it has been this way in the older days.
On my circuit tour I discover many signposts as guides to several walking paths – I am sure my heart starts beating faster. Just right at the Saale I witness a wonderful sundown. A nice start at Bad Kösen.

Let’s go to the Burgenland
On the second day the sun shines even brighter than the day before. We are about to walk the circle way I discovered yesterday. It takes us to the Löwendenkmal and to the Rudelsburg. We enjoy a great view from the castle, unfortunately it is closed due to Corona. Moreover the Rudelsburg gives us a foretaste of the next castle: Burg Saaleck

Burg Saaleck
Just 1,5 km away from the Rudelsburg we reach Burg Saaleck. There is not much to see despite a tower. The compound it shut down, still we have a nice view onto the village of Saaleck. From the castle we walk back to Bad Kösen. Later on, back in Bad Kösen, we walk another round on the Galgenberg. It is also quite a nice hill with panoramic views over the town. We stay until the sun goes down. The second day is as nice as the first one and we believe that there is more to come.

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