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Still impressed by last week’s „Green Circuit“ high above Wildemann this saturday we started at S. Andreasberg. On the internet I discovered the ridgeway hiking trail around St. Andreasberg. According to my weather app the day should be really sunny and war. Well, that did not work out, still it was a nice walk because a foggy mood on October 31st, i.e. On Halloween, is something to be said for that.

Trees in the fog
We start the circuit around the mining town St. Andreasberg at the Jordanshöhe, as recommended. The parking lot Wettertanne is a little bit out of town located on a hill. When we go off it drizzles a little bit, but we are still confident that the sun might come out later. One respectively two first obstacles are in our way at the farm Neigenfindt: two dogs approach us barking but fawning. We pass by unbitten and dive into the fog.

The fog is that humid that both my trousers and my jacket are socking wet within a short period of time. I put my umbrella out. The mood darkens a little bit. The weather should be fine. But than again it is Halloween, i.e. it is supposed to be foggy and drizzeling. We are lacking the panoramic view. Out of the forest we reach St. Andreasberg. There we crest the Galgenberg by using a very nice narrow path. The fog partly vanishes and we enjoy the first panoramic views onto the village. That placates us and gives us hope for the further way.

Poor sinners on the Schiefen Halben
Back from the Galgenberg we cross the village until we reach the „Arme-Sünder-Gasse“. I wonder whether that was the alley poor sinners had to cross on the way to the Galgenberg. We reach the next junction, cross the bridge of the former rack wheel rail trail and walk on the footway „Schiefe Halbe“. On this section of the ridgeway trail we witness our first aha moment.

A landscape reminding us on Casper David Friedrich
We make a short break on a park bench to enjoy the fantastic view. Before us lies real eye-candy, the interaction of trees wearing its most beautiful autumn dress, waft of mists passing by and green hills, looking like a carpet made of velvet. In the backyard there is the mining village St. Andreasberg. Marvellous, just breathe deeply and simply enjoy.

We can hardly take our eyes out of this. We move on on the so-called Hüttenweg, but do not take the deflection to the left but walk to the viewpoint Rosstrappe. Afterwards we take the „detour“ via the Glockenberg. It is worth it. From here we take the path to the Wäschegrund.

Steep ascend upon the Matthias-Schmidt-mountain
This is really demanding. Through the Köhlergrund we only walk uphill for three kilometres upon the Matthias-Schmidt-Berg. Having reached the top a swarm of mountainbikers greeds us. The guys enjoy the downhill-adventure centre before the lockdown lights starts on monday and the centre has to shut down. Fortunately the mountainbiker pub, the Matthias-Baude, is still open so that we stop for a cup of coffee. Rocker life rules at this place. The chip portions are huge, the biker outfit is filthy, the atmosphere is great. There is rocky mood music coming from the radio, it is a moment of normality – it feels good.

Via forests and meadows
A final section lays before us. The weather improved a little bit. The sun, however, did not make it through the clouds but at least the gentle rain stopped. Once again we pass by beautiful mountain meadows, we enjoy the final views onto the village before we pass by the boarding school and return to the Jordanshöhe.

We talk esperanto
On our way back to Seesen we stop at Sieber. On our way there I discovered a church with a schist front I wanted to have a closer look at. Moreover some signs written in esperanto caught my eyes. Esperanto is a language aiming at international understanding.

We are going back to Seesen. There is some plaintiveness on my mind. Was this the last Harzwanderung this year?

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