Christina/ February 7, 2021/ The daily grind

I did not expect that a little bird can brighten a whole day. In this case I am talking about an siskin. Again and again it and its companions crossed our way this saturday. That’s more than coincidence I guess. Today, the way of the bird leads us to the Moorhüttenteich at Volkmarode. Formerly there used to be an eminent brickyard at this palce. From this time only the lake is left over which developed out of a clay pit. In summer it might invite you for a nice and cool bath. In winter time entice you for skating, if the weather is cold enough. And that might be the case in this winter.

Beautiful, happy and confiding: the siskin
On our circuit from the westliches Ringgebiet to the Moorhüttenteich we meet it for the first time on the height of Volkmarode: the Erlenzeisig. At this moment it is on its own. The bird seems to be happy by himself, jumps from branch to branch and likes to be admired by its audience. Also a photo shooting is great fun for it. It seems to brave the cold temperatures. It is simply in a good mood. A serenity and gaiety that which is infectious. Still we do not guess at this moment that we will see our feathered friend later on.

The Moorhüttenteich
After two hours we reach the Moorhüttenteich via the Schuntersiedlung. It is not cold enough yet, the lake has only a couple of ice floes in it. But, in case the weather forecast is right, this will change quickly. There is a pedestrian bridge going half around the lake, we take it to the other side.

A flying attraction on the winter landscape
Over there we enjoy the view onto the lake for a while. We than plan our way back via Riddagshausen. Via the Remenfeld we reach the Berliner Straße and the stop “Moorhüttenweg”. Via the garden plot Schapenkamp we reach Riddagshausen. There we meet our “friend” once again, the siskin. This time it is not on its own but accompanied by it’s friends. I take some pictures hastily, not knowing how the birds are going to stay. However, they could not care less, instead they enjoy the attention. It is definitely fun to watch them playing, even though my fingers are ice cold by now. Well, a cold wind has started. It is time to go back home.

Alongside the Ebert- and Kastanienallee we walk to the city centre and back to the westliches Ringgebiet. At my arrival at home I see that one of my friends has written the name of the bird to me, a Erlenzeisig. I did not know before.

This is the way we were walking, details of the trail.