Christina/ January 10, 2021/ The daily grind

Saturday morning, I take a look out of the window and I have no trust in my eyes: Snow! Snow in Braunschweig. Fantastic! We do not have to go to the Harz mountains any more the white substance is right here under our feet.

It is lockdown again. An the one hand we do not want to join the Harz-bobsleigh-pack. On the other hand we want to exercise extensively. What can we do? On the internet I discover the Okerplan from the city of Braunschweig. Well, that is quite a good idea, I think. It does not have to be a canoe or a float this time, we can just walk around the Oker instead. At the same time it is chance to use my “Alpenvereinaktiv-App” for the first time.

All beginnings are difficult
Just to antedate this: Something seem to have gone wrong with the recording of the track. After determining the hike the record shows a total length of 17.1 km and 3:56 h. However when I stop the recording and save the track it suddenly shows only 10.3 km and 2:19 h. I have no clue why. This is the track.

Snow men as far as you can see
With this wonderful snow weather a lot of people are en route. Most of the time we see kids with their parents who build snowmen. I think I have never seen as many snowmen at Braunschweig’s park as today. Unfortunately they will die soon, it starts melting already. The trails are quite slobbery but that is part of the winter. But it does not derogate our mood at all.

The routing along the Oker
This is our routing: We start at the westliche Ringgebiet and go via Ringgleis to the Celler Straße and the Inselwall park. From here we follow the Pockelstraße and the Fallersleber-Torwall. We pass by the Botanical Garden and cross the street. We cross the Theaterpark and Museumspark until we reach the Löwenwall.

We follow the course of the Oker and cross the Windmühlenberg. From here we go to the Bürgerpark. We move along the Oker until we reach the Eisenbütteler Wehr. We turn right into direction of Kennelbad and pass by castle Richmond. Close to the Südsee we take a right turn at the maritime club and reach the Ringgleis again. We only go straight and arrive at our starting point again.

It just takes some fantasy to undertake nice walks under lockdown conditions.

Schneeimpressionen im Inselwall-Park