Christina/ December 22, 2020/ The daily grind

Twelve degrees and sun shine in December and regardless thirsty for mulled wine? Well, these three wishes cannot be combined with each other. Whereas wish no. 1 and 2 are fulfilled on this saturday, wish no. 3 is neglected. We missed the “Drive-in christmas market” at Rautheim. Since Wednesday we have our second lockdown of the year. Merry Christmas? We make the best of the situation.

Rocking horse-to-go
This year everything is inevitably “to-go”: whether it is food, drinks or toys for kids, everything is for take away somehow. Right at the beginning of our challenging Braunschweig lap we come across a rocking-horse standing on the street for take away. A man with a dog passes by saying: “I guess that wasn’t cheap.” We node. We don’t need it but we are sure it will find a new owner soon.

The Mini-Christmas Market is closed
We cross the Bürgerpark in direction of the main station and walk via Schillstraße to the central cemetery and from there to Riddagshausen. We follow the B1 for a while and then turn right into Rautheim. We reach the Triftstraße. We can see the huge Christmal pyramid from far away. We guess it already but however keep up the hope for some mulled wine until we reach the gate of the market and realized that it is closed.

It’s too bad but there is nothing we can do about it. We leave the place empty-handed and a little bit sad. Well, we think to ourselves, next year might be better. Moreover the weather is too nice to be disappointed.

Stranded on a rail track
We move on to the start of Riddagshausen and take the direction of Buchhorst. We just go straight all the time until we reach a turning area. What’s next? We see an open door and go through it. This is the railway track to Uelzen. It looks like it can be crossed to the other side. However the escarpment on the other side cannot be transcended. It is better to turn around.

We return to the Ebertallee and cross it. We are back at Riddagshausen. We pass by some funny-looking chickens guarded by some multi-coloured cock. We watch them for a while and then move on direction of cloister Riddagshausen.

Till Eulenspiegel and Uhlenhut
At the Borek-Villa we admire once more the nice building with its beautiful garden. We cross the street again and reach the Prinzenpark and the Nussberg. From there we walk into the city centre and cross the deserted pedestrian zone until we reach the westliche Ringgebiet. The Apple-Watch tells us that we walked more than 20 km all together! Not too bad.

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