Christina/ January 31, 2021/ The daily grind

It happens this weekend: My new nordic walking sticks are in attendance on me. They have been kicking their heels for some time now. After the heavy snow fall on friday and saturday the roads are too slippery for jogging to me. That’s why I prefer my sticks today to take them for a walk instead.

Even though there is not much of a choice these days for excursions I still managed to find two nice paths, one for saturday and one for sunday. At first I did my favourite trail through the Westpark, which can be easily stretched to the surrounding country roads and streets – it’s purely a matter of taste.

I especially like the pace you can walk: the sticks really give you an enormous boost. At the end of the day I achieved an average speed of 6.5 km/h. I am satisfied by that – respectable I think! I am less satisfied with tracking by the DAV-app which does not seem to be very accurate. The evaluation showed a length of 16.5 km and a time duration of 2:41 h. After having confered the right to use the data is suddenly different?!

day two: Walking on sunshine
On sunday the weather is simply perfect. Upon getting up already the sun is beaming from a deep blue sky and the white snow is glittering. Okay, there is no holding back. Right after the breakfast I go walking. Of course, this is also the perfect weather for a race to the top onto the Wurmberg, but, well due to Corona.

Once again I start on the Ringgleis. However this time in the other direction. I am heading for the Südsee and a little bit further. Going for a walk is as is well-known the lastest passtime of the Germans. Therefore I am not on my own today but surrounded by many strollers. However especially the Südsee is packed today. But I am still undeterred and let my stick swing to the right for one time and to the left for another time. Aftr three hours of fast marching I am back home – well aired.

The debut of my nordic walking sticks was a raving success. I would have never guessed that I enjoy using them so much.