Once upon a time in the dirt

Christina/ December 11, 2022/ Culture

Finally they are back, the Drecksclub of Braunschweig. With the slogan “Once upon a time in the dirt” (in reference to: “once upon a time in the west”) the gang renders the West uncertain. Countrystyle and music determine the two-hour show. And like always time flies when you are having fun. After a long lean period finally an evening without crisis, high gas prices and war. I am really looking forward to their next show.

For more than two years the fans of the Drecksclub had to suffer. More than two years of Corona put a spoke in their wheel. But yesterday they rose like a phoenix from the ashes: Wilm, the barrel, her husband Odius, the toad and Morja their daughter are back on the stage. The setting is located in the Wild West this time. How that? Well the Dreckclub had to leave Germany because of trouble with the regulatory authority. Somewhere in the prairie life goes on. Next to the familiar faces of the cockroach, the suricate, the chamaeleon, the bad-tempered mushroom and the depressive hind three new characters are entering the stage: the Mölfin (mixture of human being and wolf), the sheriff and his deputy sheriff, the Mokerlake. The fact that the sheriff carries his price tag on his Stetson all the time becomes the running gag of the evening.

There is dancing, singing and hurting. An evening full of verve and absolutely thrilling with newly interpreted Evergreens to sing along. You can find an audition underneath. And please take notice of the suricate in the back – a real pleasure. Not a dry eye in the house. For me the best remedy for wet and cold late autumn days and energy crisis blues. The only way out is: Drecksclub please come back to us soon!

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