Shanaya: 60 years of German-Turkish friendship

Christina/ September 11, 2022/ Culture

60 years of German-Turkish friendship (GTf) is the slogan of the “Gurbet-Tour” by Shanaya, a band from Hanover on the occasion of 60 years “home” in Lower Saxony. What is the reason for the Gurbet-Tour? Gurbet means “emigrant”. It is about theGerman-Turkish recruiting agreement, which was signed 60 years ago (meanwhile 61 years). Due to the Corona pandemic the concert was shifted from 2021 to 2022.

Political monotony
Even though the weather is dry and quite warm on this friday evening, the event takes place inside the House of cultures at the north station. That is a pity as the oriental touched music might have had a deeper effect outdoors than sitting on chairs. As usual on political functions we have to endure some addresses. At first the chaiperson of the KulturCafé, Ishak Demirbag is his name, speaks about his experience as an emigrant. It is no surprise that not all of them were positive. He was rejected to go to grammar school, Ishak Bey, tells us. Meanwhile people from over 130 countries live in Brunswieck and some things have changed.

German immigration history
Demirbag gives the microphone over to the next speaker, Cristina Antonelli-Ngameni. Antonelli-Ngameni represents the Lord Mayor of Braunschweig. Dr. Kornblum was unable to come. That’s too bad because his appearance could have set an example for the German-Turkish friendship about which the mayor talks. Unfortunately the speech is basically a reading from her notes. The content is the same as usually: Braunschweig praises its commitment for mutual understanding; things have developped and changed. Well, I take a look around at the half-empty hall. I would not say that the event is packed. The interest of many Braunschweiger inhabitants is limited obviously.

It could have been …
The remaining talks of the member of Landtag Annette Schütze and the chairwoman of the Födev-Lower Saxony, Seyhan Öztürk, are not more interesting either. I would be happy if the music started soon. Shortly before 7 o’clock p.m. Ayda and “her” four boys enter the stage. The only person with a migration background on the pedestal is her. The music sets in and comes as the second shock of the day: Ayda sings German. I have to admit that I expected Turkish music. Well, it is not that I understand Turkish. But alledgedly that might not have been an issue for me. It could have been …

Please forgive me, but the German hit song with oriental sounds reminds me on Marianne Rosenberg. Singer Ayda is sympathatic and powerful, no doubt about it. But the performance does not satisfy me. The lyrics are supposed to mirror Ayda’s experience as German with Turkish roots. I guess it does. I just have the feeling that the absolute will to make the lyrics rhyme kill the richness of the content. However, I like the fact that the frontwoman takes her time to explain her motive for the lyrics.

After one hour Shanaya finishes its performancde. Looking back it has been a cheerful evening. But I guess one could have made more out of 60 years of German-Turkish friendship. I think.

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