Pflasterzauber at Hildesheim: Entertainment at its best

Christina/ September 5, 2022/ The daily grind, Culture

Two days of entertainment on a high level: that is the Pflasterzauber in Hildesheim. From September 2nd – 3rd, 2022 an international circus theatre and dance festival is taking place at Hildesheim. And that is not exxagerated. The different artists help with their performance to forget about the world for a day. It is fun and high spirits.

That is fun and high spirits
With a refrain that promises fun and high spirits the Duo Spontano starts it programme. The two musicians, one of them plays the clarinet the other accordion, are dedicated to klezmer music. Klezmer music which is said to have its roots in Ashkenazic Judaism makes our body instantly shake. To me the tones sound swinging and blows your mind.
Even though that music marks the Jewish version of the Portuguese Fado. And that is known as rather heartbreaking. In short: Klezmer writes songs about life and that is not always easy.

The two artists Anja Kurcharski und Marie Jäckh get to know each other at a veg stall. That’s what they tell us. Whereas the first song performances get to me, I realize with the third or forth song that the melodies sound alike. Moreover the voices of the two ladies are quite thin. I think a microphone could have helped. Maybe it is the accoustics in the Hoken that is not really good. After approximately 20 minutes the performance is over. We move on to the next gig.

Juggling with hats
Eitis Magi has come a long way. The slim Argentine has already started his performance when we join up at the former Ratsapotheke. With the help of some luck and skill I manage to get a place in the second row. At least I can see something. The artist juggles virtuosically with three hats, repairs a cut through band and does a handstand during the show. It is fun to watch. But there is a small shortcoming. Due to the language barrier there is not interchange with the audience. Contrary to this, Andy Snatch at the Tessnerhaus is a truely silver-tongued. The Englishman knows all about talking to the audience and making it laugh. It is definitely the most entertaining show of the day.

Lumino: Ring of Fire
We walk from Andy to the market place where the duo “Lumino” performs. From afar we can already see some torches darting through the air. The Muchuu fireshow from Lumino is surrounded by a crowd. It is not easy to find some space. The duo is swirling and I wonder how much they must sweat with the hot torches in their hands and the rotations. Despite that their smile seems to tell us that this is easy. The dance moves look like a ring of fire. The artists spin around like a dervish. Unfortunately we miss part of the show, because Andy was overrunning his time.

Autoportante: Scenes of a marriage
Looking at our watch we realize that it is already 18:30. We are heading to the next performance. The next duo is called Compagnia Autoportante. It is an Italian-Argentine couple doing tightrope walking. They are married to each other and have a baby with them. Walking on the tightrope and show scence from a marriage. The show is about the acrobatics. Dancing on a rope takes a lot of concentration and body tension. The two of them understand each other perfectly. Despite the strained expression on the face it becomes clear that they like what they do.

The highlight of the show is the balancing act by Emma Edvige Ungar, the jump by Damián Elencwajg and the dancing on the rope on high heels. Chapeau!

We enjoyed ourselves today and had fun this afternoon. Well, the Duo Spontano was right at the beginning: It’s fun and high spirits. We are already looking forward to next year’s show.


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