Our fox from the Haute Provence

Christina/ August 28, 2022/ The daily grind

We have just arrived at our holiday home when we meet “Fuchsie”, my summer love. At first I am not even sure what this creature is. Is it a dog? Is it a fox or even a hyena? I hover between fascination and concern. Is this creature going to attack me? Is it dangerous or is it afraid of me? It is my first encounter with a red fox which I call “Fuchsie” from that moment on. The young animal and I chum up with each other in the next fourteen days. Therefore at the end of the holidays it is hard for me to say goodbye.

Out of the first casual encounter come meetings on a regular basis. I learn that Fuchsie visits us in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes its father or brother is with him. However the rest of its family is more shy. When I take a shower in the morning I can see Fuchsie under “its” tree eating some fruits. It passes its day outside the premises. In the evening, around 20:30 p.m. it returns. Presumably surching for some food. The cute animal acts partly shy and partly cheeky. Anyway it is a real teaser.

At the beginning Fuchsie is careful, it keep its distance and forgoes us. When it realized that we will not do any harm to it he acts more trusting. Therefore it does not take long until I realize that I downrightly wait for Fuchsie in the morning and in the evening. As soon as I hear some rustling in the bush I pay attention and call “Fuchsie”. The scenery is being accompanied by some cicada concert that lasts for approximately half an hour. The interlude is being completed by an owl that changes its position at that time.

On the last evening Fuchsie almost breaks my heart. After having cheese and a banana for dinner it looks like Fuchsie has a premonition. Whereas I pack my suitcase sadly cause I have to abondon Fuchsie he suddenly shows up on the terrace and looks wistfully through the window. I am melting away and struggle not to open the door and let the animal in. Its longing view makes me sad and I really do hope that I did not spoil Fuchsie too much. Inside me I hop that Fuchsie will think of me from time to time. I definitely will not forget my summerlove.

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