Christina/ December 21, 2019/ The daily grind

This is the story of a German little hobbit and its tracking companions. The tale is focused on the collection of 222 stamps which are spread all over the mystical Harz Mountains. It is meant to attract hikers to get to know the full beauty of the area. It took the protagonist 3,5 years to collect all of them, however, the chase is better than the catch.

Along the way our little hobbit had companions by her side who helped her either with motivation or with support in reaching the furthest stamp places. Looking back on that time it was magical somehow. The little hobbit really get to know the Harz Mountains and its borders. A lot of things happened during that time and they all had a meaning – so much I can tell by now. I will miss the chase that’s for sure and will keep the friends I made in the course of the hunt.

Underneath are some pictures I took on December, 20th, upon collecting my certificate of being an official “Wanderkaiserin” (hiking empress) at Blankenburg. The photos also show the so called devils wall between Timmenrode and Blankenburg.

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