Cloister and mansion Riechenberg

Christina/ September 15, 2022/ The daily grind

Our today’s hiking tour takes us around cloister and manor Riechenberg. The former Benedictine cloister is located at the gates of Goslar close to the industrial estate “Baßgeige”. Cloister and mansion are separated since 1989. The access yard in the east is being used as residential area. The former cloister building in the west is being used as conclave and as self-communion for guests. The manor has numerous animals such as goose, ducks, goats and lambs. Strictly speaking the area is privately owned and not ready for public visits.

Saturday is bathing day
At the start of our tour we get a little bit lost. That’s why take a look around on the premises of manor Riechenberg. We are looking for somebody to give us directions. Our next destination would be the fish lakes. We take a look at the “cloister” that rather looks as an appartment building. We then discover the animal paradise on the other side. One of the goose takes an extensive bath and dresses up for the weekend.

A little bit down the road we come across a funny trio: two goats and a lamb made friends. The welcoming tones are calling the inhabitants to action. Suddenly a young woman addresses to us by asking whether we need help. She carries a baby on her arms. Getting closer to her she tells us that this is private premises. That is understandable. We ask for the way to the fish lakes. She does not know it, but she knows Astfeld.

Across country on the king’s way
We leave the area of the manor Riechenberg. We turn right and walk across country. We move towards Astfeld but make a right turn before we reach the place. We move on to Jerstedt. In the village we learn that we are walking on the so called king’s way from Kanstein to Werla. We would like to take a coffee-break. An information sign at the city-limits of Jerstedt advertising for a bistro gives us hope. We find the place but we are standing in front of closed doors. The bistro closes at 1 o’clock on saturdays. Only a dog that belongs to the place welcomes us and wants us to play with it.

At the end again a blue dream
Empty handed we move on. We are looking for the Hermann-Löns-way. Susanne consults her mobile. Behind the B6 non-disruptive crossing we turn into the street “Im Klei” and enter an industrial area. After a while we realize that we walked in circles. We need a break to breath deeply. After a couple of minutes we are concentrated again. This time we reach the Hermann-Löns-Weg. We walk along the Jerstedter creek for a while. We are really lucky today concerning the weather. Right before the start of our hiking tour we underwent a heavy rain shower in our car. Underway we only saw the rain from a distance. Now at the end of the tour the sky shows its best side and turns blue. The sun illuminates the landscape. Finally we reach our starting point. There is also enough time for an extensive coffee-break.

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