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It is sooo cool what I learn during hiking trips. Even though I could leave my stamp book in the rucksack this time, still there were many things to discover and above all to learn! This time it was about knitting camels, dogmatical companions and a wonderful TV-series script: the german-arabic friendship with a wonderful ending at the “Hexenwerk” (witchcraft). How come?
Our Sunday trip began at the stop “Forstsiedlung” of the bus no. 820 from Bad Harzburg to Braunlage. The small but neat colony with its Woodstock-charme received our full attention for a while. Eventually, we had to worship the hip sky-blue “Mercedes Bulli” in front of a garage.

Harz camels

We moved on along the Salzstieg, an old transportation route, in direction of Torfhaus. On the Salzstieg, I got to know earlier, the so called “Kieperfrauen” ran once. These women carried the primer of the rucksack, a basket (=Kieper) on their backs. 30-40 kilos the women also known as Harzer camels had to carry uphill and downhill. My source of information moreover claimed that those women were “… always time-saving and knitting” on the move. I stopped short. Wait a minute, is not it the ladies with the phone sex who are knitting at the same time? Maybe it is a mix up?

Get us some coffee – now!

We reach the branch-off to Torfhaus. I can see it in their eyes: thirst for coffee. They want it too! We make a pit stop. A conversation with most serious consequences unfolds upon which I was asked to learn something: the way men want to be addressed. It is about who gets the coffee. In my mind I still live in the times of chivalry or at least would welcome this age again. With this illusion on my mind I ask my counterpart whether he would mind to get us some coffee. All I get is a mocking smile. Well, you have a lot to learn about men, he detects. Men do only understand direct announcements. Add ons like “would you or could you” are missing the point and thus missing its mark. Aha, I think to myself, and remember the following quote from my favourite movie The Counselor: “men believe in the illusion they could change women. Hower, women do not want to change a thing, they want to be entertained. The truth about women is you can do everything to them but to bore them.” That’s just so true.

The legend of the German-Arabic friendship or: Integration can be so easy

After having left the stamp post “Ski-Memorial” behind us we reach the most beautiful pioneer trail along the Ecker Valley. I have been here often but I am still fascinated with its beauty and its panoramic views. I finally succeed in surprising my hiking mates by presenting them the ultimate picnic place. There is a small unobtrusive trail which leads directly to the river Ecker and to a wonderful picnic place.
It happens when we reach the Ecker barrier lake. Maybe it is the aftermath of the romantic picnic spot. Maybe it is the sight of the idyllic barrier lake: the idea for the TV-series which is supposed to constitute the Germany-Arabic friendship is born.

The protagonists are Hans and Franz, two German blond men with legs like tree trunks and arms like clubs. Moreover there are Mohammed, a refugee from the civil war-shaken Syria and Jolanta, the graceful young lady with blond hair – the object of desire of the two German bears. To cut a long story short: the disput between Hans and Franz ends in a showdown for Jolantas heart at “our” picnic spot. Mohammed, who observes the scene from afar and watches Franz with the last bit of his strength hanging from the bridge, attacks Hans and thus saves Franz. His courageous intervention captures Jolanta’s heart right away, the German-Arabic friendship is born.


After such a mental performance I need another break. We take the “Braunschweiger Weg” to the Hasselbach lake. We cold-shouldered the Molkenhaus and decided to give the newly constructed “Hexenwerk” above Bad Harzburg a try. With the magnificent weather the terrace is packed; no shady place in sight. However we sit down. Unfortunately we have to wait some time for our soft drinks, however we are compensated for it when visiting the toilets.

The alledged glance into the mirrow after visiting the bathroom discloses the meaning of the places name “Hexenwerk”: instead of looking into my own face I stare into the one of my fellows. I am confused. I realize that something is wrong and it takes me a while until I find out that the separating mirrow between the two toilets is missing – spooky. It reminds me on the action movie “Face/Off” and especially on the scene when the face of the one counterpart is being taken off.

Zucchini in place of flowers

After this experience we are leaving this ritual place and went back to the parking lot. There everybody gets a small gift in the shape of a garden-plant (in place of flowers). We drive back home fully happy and satisfied.

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