Half-timbered houses at the Mosel

Christina/ April 11, 2023/ Culture

The Mosel cycle way between Trier and Koblenz is dinstinguished by wonderful half-timbered houses from different centuries. The architectural style of these houses makes the area with it vineyards especially romantic and medieval looking.

The characteristics of these building in common is the combination of a massive foundation (wine cellar and basement) and pavement. In ordert to avoid damages by ascending moisture, the half-timbered part stands on a ground floor which has been build of shale. Steep formed roofs (storage rooms) make the type „Einhaus“ (all under one roof) complete. Over the centuries different form of half-timbered houses were developed.

The place Pünderich surprised us. Located between Zell and Bullay, we liked the former ferry boat house. The labyrinthine alleys oft he village hold more treasures of that kind. The buildings are mostly from the 16th and 17th century. Furthermore there is the old rectory, the old winery, a manor, the Eltzer Hof and house Kerner. Also there is the old town hall and last but not least the half-timbered Electorate.

The Spitzenhäuschen at Bernkastell-Kues was build in the 15th century and endured a couple of wars since then, whereupon it has been laid bare in 1914.

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