Christina/ October 12, 2020/ The daily grind, Culture

The city of Pirna, about twenty kilometres away from Dresden, is a good starting point for hiking trails at the Saxon Switzerland. The district town has a good connection to the urban railsway and to busses. The Guestcard mobile is accepted in all public transport of the Saxon Switzerland. Our hotel, the Pirn’sche Hof, is located at the historical market square.

Palace Sonnenstein
The tourist information is also hosted at the market square. This is the place where the organised guided tours start. That’s what I want to do this afternoon. Prior to the tour however, I take a look around myself and climb up the hill to Palace Sonnenstein. From the Palace I enjoy a fantastic view onto the old town. A tempting beer garden and the memorial place Sonnenstein are also part of the area. The Malerweg starts underneath the palace and leads to Naundorf.

Guided tour through the old town
Back on the market square my booked tour starts. We wander through the alleys and learn that for example Johannes Tetzel was born in Pirna, the opponent of Luther. The historic part of the town has gorgeous town houses with richly decorated prediments and elaborately gazebos. During the tour the guide provides us with a great tipp: on the other side of the Elbe there is a walking trail from which you have a great view onto Pirna. Well, that is quite something.

The Burglehnpfad
After the tour I still have some time. The weather is beautiful and I want to take a walk within the Postaer vineyards. I traverse the bridge of the Elbe in direction of Copitz and climb up the steep stairs to the so called Burglehnpfad. It is a very nice evening walk. I take picture. At the Ehrenhain I go back taking more steep steps and come back to the Postaer Straße. I pass by some wine-growers and discover a commercial for a Besenwirtschaft. Unfortunately it is not open yet.

The sun goes set above the Elbe and plunges the bridge as well as the water into a nice warm light. The steamboat perfectly matches the beautiful mood. I think this is going to be a really nice holiday.