When the adonis bloom on the Kleiner Fallstein

Christina/ April 11, 2023/ The daily grind, Culture

By accident I learned that the Kleiner Fallstein offers an attraction over Easter: Blooming adonis. What is so special about it? Well, adonis does not grow everywhere. And: the blooming period is in April. Two years ago I got to know this small steppe plant at the Heeseberg. On this sunny Sunday morning we are leaving for a revival of this experience.

Business before pleasure
The recommended „adonis circle path“ between Hoppenstedt and Osterwieck is about 10 kilometres only. That’s why we decide to walk around the Großer Fallstein at first. We start at the parking lot a the Fallsteinklause. The trees are already leafing. We pass by some cherry plums before we enter the forest. We come across fitness parcours and shelter huts. Finally we reach a convoy road above Rhoden.

At the adonis‘
We walk throgh the village looking for a café. But there is nothing. We leave the place heading for the Kleiner Fallstein. Once again we hit a convoy road before we enter the ridgeway of the Kleiner Fallstein. We walk through the forest for a while and finally reach the path that leads us back to the parking lot. From there we take the car and drive to Hoppenstedt. We already have about 19 kilometres on our account, we need not to go for the extra mile. We park outside Hoppenstedt close to the Kleiner Fallstein. We climb up a hill and here we are: the first beautiful blooming adonis. Like small yellow dabbers the steppe plant populates the ridge. Numerous onlookers have gathered here already. On a hill above the adonis we enjoy the warm beams of the sun and the silence up here.

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