Christina/ November 16, 2014/ The daily grind

Who would have expected him here? George Clooney at Osterwieck, without Paparazzi, without his wife, without Nespresso capsules in this hands. But wait a moment ..? Did not Georgy make a movie nearby, i.e. in the Harz mountains? And right so, Clooney stayed in Halberstadt for his shooting and went for diner in Wernigerode: Clooney shoots in Halberstadt newspapers claimed.

Osterwieck, the “pearl in Saxony-Anhalt” has to offer something. Actually the main attraction are the 400 framed houses of the city which have been renovated in the meantime. However during our stay in Osterwieck we found some other hidden treasures. We were especially intrigued by the hospitilaty of the town. Just to welcome us they organized a carnival parade with musik to welcome us. During the feudal midday meal at the “Hafenbar” (we could not see a harbour though) we were flashed by the unbelievable small prices for drinks and meals. Finally we discovered that VW has sponsored some schnapps glasses.

On our way to Osterwieck we had a chance to visit a former watchtower of the GDR. Our way back from Osterwieck led us from the “Großen Fallstein” via “Rhoden” and the “Kleinen Fallstein” to Hornburg. Like always a very nice walking-tour, again with dry and partly sunny wheather.

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