Romantic Oker valley

Christina/ April 29, 2023/ The daily grind

This spring will not gather momentum. Sunny and warm days are rare. My recommendation: If you catch one of them, use it. Of course, the best way is a hike in the Harz Mountains. Today we choose the Oker valley. A round course leads us from the town Oker via the Adler cliffs and the Verlobungsinsel (engagement island) to Romkerhall. From there we go back to the start. This time the march is pretty short and there is a reason for it: After having dinner at the Maltermeisterturm we have tickets for the Coldplay concert at the Cineplex.

At the ruggedly picturesque Oker valley
Our tour starts at the parking lot close to the Waldhaus Okertal. I am surprised how beautiful this place really is. On this wonderful Sunday morning we indulge into a fairy tale. The green dosh on the rocks glows wonderful in the sun. The water of the river Oker is glittering. The water level is quite high this year – no signs of drought so far. The Oker valley appears at it’s best right from the start. It gets more adventurous when we reach the Adlerklippen (cliffs). We go literally over hill and dale.

The sleeping lion

At this part of our hiking path we come across a lot of rock formations. From the Adlerklippe we walk towards the sleeping lion. The head of the lion that rests on this paws is easy to recognize. Later it gets more religious: We reach the Marienfelsen (Virgin Mary cliffs). Actually on the top you can see folded hands remaining in a prayer. Alegedly the protection applies to the brave climbers.

After the prayer to the engagement
What can I say? To preserve the blessing an engagement was due. For this purpose a visit to the so called engagement island is perfect. I am very surprised that the environment has changed a lot in the meantime since my last visit in 2016. The island itself is almost bald.

Queen Erina and her cream buff
We reach the kingdom of Romkerhall. This part of the Harz Mountains calls itself the smallest kingdom of the world. Nevertheless romanticism is a big topic here whether it’s an overnight stay at the romantic hotel or the chance to become a princess for one day. And if that’s not enough you can still spoil yourself with one of queen Erina’s cream buffs. The choux pastry crowned with cherries, cream and vanilla ice costs 4,50 € (middle size).
However today we are more interested in the Romkerhall waterfall. Due to the numerous rainfalls in April it falls off the rocks heavily. Well there you are: On the parking lot in front of the waterfall there is actually a young woman about to get dressed like a princess. Still, we are heading on walking back to our starting point.

The most beautiful terrace high above Goslar
It soars above Goslar, the restaurant on a hill called Maltermeister Turm. We reserved a table in advance. Due to the nice weather we choose a table on the terrace. From here we enjoy a magnificent view onto Goslar. This place serves home-style cooking of good quality and at reasonable prices. Whereas we eat to our hearts’ content, we enjoy at the same time the fabulous outlook onto the historical imperial city.

My Universe
Having finished our meal, we leave for our third and last highlight of the day: the record of a Coldplay concert from Buenos Aires. The film is great. It almost feels like I have really been there, flying over the audience. Sure the band plays it’s greatest hits and a good-tempered Chris Martin runs the catwalk up and down like a young god. Marvellous. A day out of time.

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