Denis Stuart Rose: The preserved death

Christina/ May 1, 2023/ Culture

Art for reflection and not only for consumption that’s what I associate with the exhibitions of the Brunswieck artist Denis Stuart Rose. And as I really do like to use my brain the works of this creative mind are just right for me. The shows are pleasant changes in times of information and picture rushes. From Arpril, 29th to May 20th, 2023 Denis Stuart Rose shows his pieces of art titled „The preserved death“ at the einRaum5-7 in Brunswieck. He sees this exhibition as follow-up to his cycle „Braunschweiger Totentanz“ which started in 2000.

No exhibition for adept ladies
On this rainy and chilly evening we are standing on the Handelsweg, directly in front of the einRaum 5-7. The exhibition „The preserved death“ is about to be opened in a couple of minutes. Still the curtains of the small room are closed. Punctually at 7 o’clock the first guests enter the studio. About five minutes later a well dressed elderly married couple leaves the small spce of art. Their facial expression expresses irritation if not indignation. Well, it is clear that this exhibition is not for adept ladies and gentlemen who likes to show off with their knowledge whereas champagne sparkles happily in their glasses and everybody hangs on their lips.
No, this is a show with exhibits which reflect the world’s cruelty. The grimace of the awkward stares out of dead steel eyes onto the audience. The five tanks, which look like preserving jars, make it instantly clear: this gets down to the nitty-gritty. To preserve something can also mean to store tissue and organs in a liquid. In the case of Stuart Rose it is oil. The substance probiits that the object get into touche with air and thus do not pass so quickly. These pieces of art have a warning character. The displayed sketches as part of the exhibition show how the artist handled and transfered his impression of historical events or literary tales.

What happened to Wolfgang Grams?
That can be the unsettled death of Wolfgang Grams at Bad Kleinen, the lonely death of three gringos in the Mexican desert or the inexpressible cruelties of the Nazi regime within the Third Reich. Although Stuart Rose is not that kind of person who wants to spoil his guests‘ evening with a trigger finger.
The exhibits are rather meant to stimulate the audience to ask itself questions like: „What happened to Wolfgang Grams?“ „What kind of cruelties are people capable of if they have power over people?“ And how about the tale „In the bush of Mexico“ where three Americans die?“ It sound a little bit like strange world, because is it not the Mexican migrants who suffer in the American desert? Well, no matter how, the vultures are already circling …

Im Busch in Mexiko

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