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I would not call myself an art connoisseur that is why I can only judge this form of expression out of my gut feeling. Last Friday Birte Henning opened up her art exhibition “at the top”. From the advance notice of the private view I understood that the event was all about the upcoming full moon and Birte wanted to show us the sky therefore. That sounded good to me. “Let’s have a joint look at the top”, they offered. Additionally, little sandwiches and (soft) drinks should be passed, exactly the right thing for a relaxed Friday evening – that was the plan.

We are thus looking forward to some nice, meaningful pictures tackling the full moon and what we see is, well, nothing than grey sky and some clouds. Moreover, the pictures are that small that even eagle eyes might have problems to recognize anything. We are looking at each other puzzled and then have a look around at the other guests. Hm, is it that we are the only ones who cannot understand the meaning of the pictures? It strikes me however, that nobody really seems to care about the pictures except us.

The audience peers at the kinesiological buffet and tastes it. I decide that I need something decent on my plate. My stomach is rumbling and I doubt that some piece of cucumber with cream cheese can do something about it. Sitting on a wooden bench and drinking water we are pondering where to go when an old lady approaches us. She distributes flyer. Flyer announcing musicians that alternatively play the piano or the violin and set Stravinsky, Dvořák and other famous composers to music. She wants to distribute 6.000 flyers altogether. We are amazed and pocket one of the flyers.

The evening ends in a well-known restaurant-pub having a loud pack of guys sitting next to us who are either talking about divorces within their circle of friends or try to impress each other with their occupational adventures abroad working for a big car company.

Well, but what should have been seen “at the top” the day before we saw on Saturday when the almost full moon was in the sky. Maybe we got by better with opening up of the “fatherland”-exhibition – but that is another story.

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